“What’s the naughty list? I am the naughty list”

3A0D6F2B-E3F7-487A-8142-BF75B8967843The words ‘Advent Calendar Time’ result in Luna bounding over to where her calendar hangs, her promptly sitting down and gazing up with large expectant puppy dog eyes. The countdown to Christmas has officially begun!

First real tree experience = success. The tree survived the night and is still standing upright. If not for the measly 10 baubles placed at shoulder height which almost certainly helped.

Christmas outfit = success. The bobble on the hat is far too entreating though.

Gingerbread House = more of a ‘Tent’. Luna decided she wanted to be part of the house making and proceeded to steal the front wall of the house and sit proudly with it on the sofa. I’m afraid this is now ‘for display purposes only.

Luna you are on the naughty list this year.



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